The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except July - September) at Portland Yacht Club, 1241 NE Marine Drive, Portland, OR. 97211 at 12 noon

About WOOO

Statement Of Purpose

  • To encourage and promote educational programs aimed at all users of waterways in order to increase public access to the river as a gathering place for a wide range of waterway activities.
  • To foster stewardship of Oregon’s waterways with an eye toward environmental responsibility and recreational use; making our organization available for projects that benefit Oregon’s waterways.
  • To monitor and communicate with governmental agencies to ensure that members are fully informed of waterway and waterfront regulations and policy changes that potentially impact the members of the waterfront community.
  • To network and associate with other groups as a resource for the common interests and benefits of all waterway users.

Waterfront Organizations of Oregon Background Information:

The Waterfront Owners and Operators of Oregon grew out of a need to correct a zoning error which adversely affected several waterfront properties including several moorage/marinas in Multnomah County. This error changed the zoning from MUA-2(Multi-Use Agricultural) to CFU (Commercial Forest Use). The ramifications of the zone change meant that each moorage/marina was no longer a conforming use, which would have prevented future development or change in use and could have severely devalued each property. The property owners and other interested parties got together to work with Multnomah County, hence, the organization was born. In late 1999, in order to involve and attract all waterway and waterfront related industries and interests, the by-laws were changed and the name was changed to:


The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except July - September) at Portland Yacht Club, 1241 NE Marine Drive, Portland, OR. 97211 at 12 noon. All members are encouraged to attend these meetings and contribute their input and suggestions. Minutes of these meetings are sent out to all members.  We urge you to join the organization and get involved.

It has been the desire of the President and the Board of Directors to steer the organization in the direction of acting as an informational body. We have a very diversified membership who can help with dredging problems, towing, construction, foaming, houseboat spaces, boat repair, boat sales, boat electronics, etc., and may be able to help with zoning ordinances and other governmental requirements. We are presently watching the Legislature closely for any proposed Bills helpful to, or detrimental to, the waterfront community, as well as having  members serve on many advisory boards and committees whose activities influence our waterways.

The organization holds a hosted annual membership dinner meeting once a year, to which speakers are invited to talk about subjects of interest to the waterfront community.

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