Minutes of Meeting of September 12, 2017


Ron Schmidt (Blue Frog) President

Jeff Ingebrigtsen (Paradise Moorage) Vice President

Bob Hume (Oregon Yacht Club)

Dan McCree  (South Channel Marine)

Don Larson (Class Harbor)

Richard Rich (Tyee Yacht Club)

Kim Toevs (Tomahawk Floating Homes)

Scott McLellan (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

Rod Nuzum (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

Joe & Ronni Conour (Portland Rowing Club)

Bill Leptich (Rogers Marine)

The meeting was called to order by Ron Schmidt at 7:09 PM.

Introduction of attendees

Comments regarding personal priorities were accepted from the membership.

MINUTES: Minutes of the last meeting reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report– The treasurer was not in attendance, therefore, no report was submitted

Sheriff’s Report:

To report issues and concerns:

Call 911 for emergencies.

Non-emergencies, call 503-823-3333.

Voice Mail @ River Police office is not for reports.

Excessive speed on the Multnomah Channel is a concern.  Additionally, operators of kayaks and paddle boards appear to be unaware of their surroundings.

Squatters in the Multnomah channel, both on water and the uplands, continue to be a problem.  Current laws are being circumvented by meeting minimum standard of the laws.  Trespassing laws are “A JOKE”. There is no substance to prosecute. Jurisdiction is questionable.   DSL, Marine Board, etc. are often confused and the feeling is a test court case is needed to determine how best to apply the current law.

There has been an increase in thefts on the Washington Side across from Ackerman Island.

Portland and State police are filling in for Multnomah County Sheriff, who are on emergency fire call.

Continuing issues with rental watercraft.  Rental customers are causing excessive wakes and exhibiting unsafe behavior.

It was suggested that Woo members send photos or videos as evidence of excess wakes and various other issues to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office, they will respond but not always with a citation.  Discussion followed relative to following examples of Clackamas County to hire “Interns” to assist with non-enforcement tasks.


Discussion relative to impact of increasing PERS costs and lack of Government Response.

It was suggested that WOO challenge the new Gun Law and become more politically active as a group.


New Business:

  1. Update WOO Website.  The WOO Facebook page appears to be more current.  Source for a replacement for Website management.  This position is open to any WOO Member who is tech savvy.
  2. Support Picasso Pizza for Food donation with an ad on the Website.
  3. It was noted that Larson and Casselmans is for sale. Some concerns relative to future use of these moorage sites as well as Babecko’s, Columbia River and Columbia Corinthian.
  4. Washington State is establishing rules which may drive out marinas.
  5. DSL is unlikely to follow suit, since they cannot afford the revenue loss.
  6. Stormwater case is in appeal process
  7. Excessive wakes on Willamette, near Portland Rowing club. WOO will solicit a member of Portland Rowing Club to represent the area interests.


Meeting adjourned 9:02 PM

Next WOO Meeting –  Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Minutes September 2017

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